1 May 2017

welcome to malta

With an urgent need to get away from 'life', I embarked on a quick birthday getaway with a close friend of mine, who I have to thank for being so patient with me while taking these photos! We spent 3 days in the tiny island of Malta, located in the mediterranean sea between Italy and North Africa. Just 3 hours away from the UK, the island has a lot to offer such as historical sites and boat tours around its sorrounding islands Gozo and Comino. 

We stayed in the small town of Mellieha, popular for its beaches and costal views, with only an hours drive to the city by bus during peak hours. Our days consisted of mornings on the beach, afternoons in the capital Velletta and evenings in St Julian's, known for Malta's nightlife.   

If you're planning on travelling this time of the year, temperatures during the day reach up to 23 degrees, not hot, but warm enough to tan which is what I experienced. However, I will advice to bring a jacket as temperatures drop during the evenings.

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