18 July 2018

Trend: How do you style your raffia piece?

Something a little different! I've teamed up with fellow blogger Connie  and photographer Alise on a series of upcoming outfit posts demonstrating how we style some of SS18's biggest trends.  And for this post, you've guessed it! 'It's all about raffia/straw [or whatever you want to call it!]

NEXT Dress [handed down by my mum] | H&M Hat | BASKET BAG [handmade in Nigeria] | MANGO Shoes

All past season. Click link for alternatives. 

URBAN OUTFITTERS Dress | OASIS Mules [similar] | STRAW HAT [similar]

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16 July 2018

pink fusion

MANGO Dress via ASOS [similar]

Photos by Abiola Renee
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11 June 2018


ASOS Blazer [similar] PRIMARK Bra [similar] H&M Skirt | STRADIVARIOUS Slippers 

Photos by Nate Visuals 

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21 May 2018

the commute

PRIMARK Menswear Blazer [similar]  | ASOS Bikini Top | AND OTHER STORIES Skirt [similar] | CONVERSE Shoes  

Photos by Nate Visuals 

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16 April 2018

Celebrating what's beneath my beauty x

16th of April is my birthday, a time for celebration and reflection. And also the perfect moment to share with you what makes me feel confident and beautiful. Check out the interview I did for Beneath Your Beauty below:

What makes me feel confident and beautiful?

I can honestly say even when I look my worse, I still feel confident and beautiful. And that comes from being content in who I am. Knowing that I’m destined for greatness and that there’s no need to compete with or envy others because what is for me will be for me. Being unapologetic in who I am. And knowing that I may not always ‘fit in’ which is fine because I’d rather stand out.

My wardrobe also makes me feel confident and beautiful. Call it materialistic or vanity if you want. But I feel the sexiest when I’m in a satin thigh slit maxi with a pair of ugly trainers and a supersize jacket (pretty sure I’ve blogged that look many times lol!) You are what you wear. You feel confident and ready to take on the world when you look your best. And that’s why I take pride in what I wear. Even on my ‘off days’. Not to say that’s what’s important in life. But it definitely does help!

What’s something I do daily to affirm yourself?

There isn’t anything specific I do daily to affirm myself. However what does help is surrounding myself with either like-minded people and those who really support and believe in me even when I don’t. My group of friends are really supportive and I’m fortunate to have a close friend who’s also in the fashion industry who I speak to almost daily. We bounce of each other others urge for success which encourages and motivates us. I also have a lovely family who supports and respects my craft, and encourages me especially when I doubt myself.

MANGO Dress | BOOHOO Trainers | PRIMARK Mens Jacket [similar] | BASKET Bag [similar]

Photo by Karan Teli 
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15 March 2018

The Grocery Shop

PRIMARK Boots & Menswear Blazer [similar] | H&M Blouse [similar] | Adidas Track Pants 
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14 February 2018

she's back

First outfit post of 2018, two months in! Kinda got caught up with work. And life for that matter! Almost forgot how much I actually miss blogging. Needless to say, Abisola is back!

VINTAGE Biker Jacket | ASOS Dress 

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