5 June 2017

Ask and it shall be given

You know the Bible scripture "Ask and it shall be given"? (Matt 7:7), I found that this literally applies to everything in life. I've always been afraid of asking in fear of rejection, whether it be that pay rise or brand collaboration. And that fear came from not being confident in myself. Confident in myself as a stylist, as a blogger etc. But when I look back at myself, my achievements and who I've become, I have every right to be confident and so should you. After all, if I don't brag about myself, who will? 

I used to be the shy the kid in the corner, the one who never really spoke up and left others to lead. This followed me into my adulthood. There was always someone better than me. A blogger who had more followers, a stylist who had more credentials, a girl who was prettier etc. And while that may be true, that doesn't mean that I'm not good enough

The truth is, they'll always be someone that's better than you. But instead of comparing and doubting myself, I used as a tool for motivatvation. If that person can achieve all that they have, there's absolutely no reason why I can't.   

I guess what I'm saying is never doubt yourself. Never hold back in fear of rejection. I recently started to apply this in my daily life. You'd be surprised at how many yes's I've received instead of no's. This goes to show that you are better than what you think you are!

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22 May 2017

all of the lights

Here's to coming out of your comfort zone and trying new things. This was the first time I've ever shot after hours in London's entertainment and night life district - Soho, and what an experience. Friday night, neon lights, busy streets and cheerful party goers!

Finally introducing the fuchsia dress that I wore on my birthday a month ago. 
As much as I loved Mango's silk version, I'd admit that the price tag did throw me off a bit. So there I went on a search for an alternative as you do, and stumbled across this fuchsia beauty from ASOS. Not quite as fabulous as Mango's version, it'll do. Besides, what drew me to this dress was the backless detail and flared sleeves. 

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11 May 2017

floral pink

The quiet rustic streets of Malta was the perfect setting for this outfit post. A mini length dress, exaggerated flared sleeves and floral features proved to be the perfect holiday dress for me. The never ending sleeve worked wonders for keeping my goosebumps at bay when the sun set. 

Also the perfect outfit to introduce the pink sock boot. And while we're on the topic, can I just mention that they are definitely one of the most comfiest and cosiest pair of shoes I own. I spent the whole day trekking around the capital without the slightest hint of pain!

It wouldn't have felt right if I left my picnic bag in London so of course I brought it along with me and used it to complete this outfit.

MISGUIDED Dress | ZARA Boots & Bag [similar]

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1 May 2017

welcome to malta

With an urgent need to get away from 'life', I embarked on a quick birthday getaway with a close friend of mine, who I have to thank for being so patient with me while taking these photos! We spent 3 days in the tiny island of Malta, located in the mediterranean sea between Italy and North Africa. Just 3 hours away from the UK, the island has a lot to offer such as historical sites and boat tours around its sorrounding islands Gozo and Comino. 

We stayed in the small town of Mellieha, popular for its beaches and costal views, with only an hours drive to the city by bus during peak hours. Our days consisted of mornings on the beach, afternoons in the capital Velletta and evenings in St Julian's, known for Malta's nightlife.   

If you're planning on travelling this time of the year, temperatures during the day reach up to 23 degrees, not hot, but warm enough to tan which is what I experienced. However, I will advice to bring a jacket as temperatures drop during the evenings.

SHIRT [similar] |  ZARA Skirt [similar] /Bag [similar] /Slippers | H&M Bikini Top [similar] /Necklace | MISSGUIDED Bikini Bottom

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24 April 2017

Spring's sock boot

Balenciaga, Vetements, Emilio Pucci and the list goes on. They've all created their version of the sock boot with others following suit. And just like Marmite, you'll either hate or love it. Pretty obvious what side I'm on. Speaking of boots, I recently purchased a similar pair in fuchsia which I can't wait to style.

I've styled my boots with a mesh dress by Monki and my new found blazer spied in ASOS's menswear section. I figured I should probably purchase my own since I've been living in my dads who's blazer is almost identical.

Anyway here are my 3 top tips on how I'd style sock boot:

1. Style with a pair of frayed hem straight leg denim for a cool off-duty day look

2. Or, how about a floaty chiffon midi dress for a summer chick feel

3. Alternatively, on a night out style with either a leather or vinyl mini skirt like I've done in this post

ASOS Blazer | WEEKDAY Skirt | MONKI Dress | EGO Boots

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30 March 2017

pink vs red

I recently showed my friend a pair of boots which I insisted I must get my hands on. She didn't like them. Surprisingly I agreed with her (at the time! Now I love them! lol) and joked that since it's fashion I'd have to purchase it anyway! And it got me thinking, how true is this statement?

In a recent Instagram post of myself wearing a pink/red Emilio Pucci number, I mentioned they were two colour combos which I swore I'd never wear. But there I was, standing proudly in this beautiful two piece which I loved. Clearly proved myself wrong!

I guess my question is how often do we find ourselves conforming? Do we actually like what we're wearing, or are we just wearing it because it's the latest 'must have'? I can openly admit that I have been a victim of this. But since, I've grown to become confident in what it is that I like and most importantly what it is that suits me. As much as I love certain trends, I'm honest enough with myself to know when to draw the line if a trend doesn't suit me. By doing so, I discovered my own personal style; my likes/dislikes and what works for me. 

I could ramble on but you're properly more interested in what it is I'm wearing!

Yes it's the pink/red combo again but guess what, I actually like it! Lol. I layerd my favourite dress at the moment (yes pink!) over my Vetement inspired jeans which I purchased in the Bershka sale. 

ASOS Jacket | ZARA Dress | BERSHKA Jeans & Heels [both similar]
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22 March 2017

dressed down evening wear

I'm somewhat obsessed over dressed down eveningwear trend, especially if it involves trainers - one of my favourite combinations by the way. The obsession began when I came across a streetstyle photo during Milan fashion week of someone in a royal blue slinky maxi dress with a pair of white trainers. And it got me thinking, is eveningwear only just for evening? 

There's nothing better than feeling comfortable in whatever you're wearing (hence why I've ditched heels for Fashion Week!) and if that means swapping those heels for a pair of trainers, then so be it! I'm used to working in an environment where heels are a MUST, and painfully learned that self-care is everything! Besides, comfort exceeded confidence! 

Don't get me wrong, theres definitely a time and place for eveningwear. However if you can get away with it then why not?

Which brings me to this outfit I recycled from a friends birthday do. Originally worn with heels, I simply swapped them for my Golden Goose trainers which I'd been dreaming of for ages! And threw on my 'everyday' military jacket. 

ZARA Dress [similar] | ASOS Belt & Jacket[similar]| GOLDEN GOOSE DULUXE BRAND Trainers
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