30 March 2017

pink vs red

I recently showed my friend a pair of boots which I insisted I must get my hands on. She didn't like them. Surprisingly I agreed with her (at the time! Now I love them! lol) and joked that since it's fashion I'd have to purchase it anyway! And it got me thinking, how true is this statement?

In a recent Instagram post of myself wearing a pink/red Emilio Pucci number, I mentioned they were two colour combos which I swore I'd never wear. But there I was, standing proudly in this beautiful two piece which I loved. Clearly proved myself wrong!

I guess my question is how often do we find ourselves conforming? Do we actually like what we're wearing, or are we just wearing it because it's the latest 'must have'? I can openly admit that I have been a victim of this. But since, I've grown to become confident in what it is that I like and most importantly what it is that suits me. As much as I love certain trends, I'm honest enough with myself to know when to draw the line if a trend doesn't suit me. By doing so, I discovered my own personal style; my likes/dislikes and what works for me. 

I could ramble on but you're properly more interested in what it is I'm wearing!

Yes it's the pink/red combo again but guess what, I actually like it! Lol. I layerd my favourite dress at the moment (yes pink!) over my Vetement inspired jeans which I purchased in the Bershka sale. 

ASOS Jacket | ZARA Dress | BERSHKA Jeans & Heels [both similar]

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