22 March 2017

dressed down evening wear

I'm somewhat obsessed over dressed down eveningwear trend, especially if it involves trainers - one of my favourite combinations by the way. The obsession began when I came across a streetstyle photo during Milan fashion week of someone in a royal blue slinky maxi dress with a pair of white trainers. And it got me thinking, is eveningwear only just for evening? 

There's nothing better than feeling comfortable in whatever you're wearing (hence why I've ditched heels for Fashion Week!) and if that means swapping those heels for a pair of trainers, then so be it! I'm used to working in an environment where heels are a MUST, and painfully learned that self-care is everything! Besides, comfort exceeded confidence! 

Don't get me wrong, theres definitely a time and place for eveningwear. However if you can get away with it then why not?

Which brings me to this outfit I recycled from a friends birthday do. Originally worn with heels, I simply swapped them for my Golden Goose trainers which I'd been dreaming of for ages! And threw on my 'everyday' military jacket. 

ZARA Dress [similar] | ASOS Belt & Jacket[similar]| GOLDEN GOOSE DULUXE BRAND Trainers

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  1. Wow, what an amazing idea! It’s amazing how less formal evening wear can become if you combine it with the right – not very fancy – accessories and shoes. I would never dare wearing trainers with one of my evening dresses, but now I will definitely copy your look the first time I get. Thanks for being an amazing source of inspiration!

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