19 September 2016

Dorothy Perkins Style Heroes: The Bomber jacket and high waisted jeans

Birthed during WW1, and with the likes of Gucci leading the way with their embroidery, the bomber jacket is the one thing that everyone needs in their wardrobe if it's not already there. From the classic MA-1 fighter jackets to silk styles with pretty embellishments, there's one to suit all. I chose this style from Dorothy Perkins carefully as I wanted something I could easily throw on without thinking twice about my outfit. And lets not get started on how comfy and warm it is!

As for these high waisted skinnies I'm wearing also from Dorothy Perkins, they're the perfect fit! I tend to shy away from skinny jeans as I prefer loose-fitted styles (all about comfort), not to mention the struggles of finding the perfect fit! However these crossed all my boxes!

DOROTHY PERKINS Jeans and Bomber Jacket | ZARA Shirt & Bag | BERSHKA Heels

                                                                    Photos by Lacey Jane

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