19 January 2016

The slip dress

One of the best looks I've shot to date. Why? Because its simply me. Effortless, stylish and comfortable. There's beauty in the most simplest outfit. Sometimes it pays not to overthink and instead opt for the basic which is something I've started to learn. I fell in love with this Misguided slip dress which I've shot previously. Again, worn with trainers! I literally wear it out at any chance I get! Glad to see the slip dress is one of the many fashion trends to linger this spring/summer. I'll gladly be adding a few to my summer wardrobe this year! 

Speaking of trainers, I've found that I've slowly began to develop a love for them! Working in an environment where heels are a must, the idea of feeling uncomfortable just doesn't appeal to me anymore. Don't get me wrong, nothing finishes off an outfit like a pair of killer heels! However, I've always said that in anything I'm wearing, its imperative for me to feel comfortable and relaxed, and that includes footwear! Besides, I'm in love with the whole 'evening dress paired with trainers' which I've mentioned in a previous post here.  

MISSGUIDED Dress | ZARA Blazer [Similar] | LOUIS VUITTON Pouch | SUPERDRY Trainers 

Photos by Lacey Jayne


  1. In love with this look girl! Love how you're matching with the biackground. x

    / O.R.R. - Life & Style Journal

    1. One of my favourite looks! Thank you x