8 August 2017

sport luxe - the correct way

You may (or may not) have noticed that I've cut down on my writing. Honestly I've never be a big writer. Quite frankly, I hate it. Only Lord knows how I got through that dissertation! I've always been more of a practical person. Art, Textiles, Design Technology, that was my thing at school. Anything that allowed for me to express my creativity.

 It's one of the main reasons why my posts are often delayed. Writers block is a bitch. Especially if you don't actually like writing! I'm a 'no sugar coating, beating around the bush, straight to the point' kind of person. So instead of boring you guys, and saving myself the agony, I figured I'd get straight to my point with my outfit details. And while we"re on the topic, can we take time out to acknowledge the sport luxe outfit! I'm definitely pro-trackies! Especially if its styled with a cute pair of heels.

  Of course they'll be the odd occasion where you might see an actual paragraph at the bottom of my pictures, but this time instead of it being forced, it'll be from the heart, like this one. 

ADIDAS Track Pants | SOPHIA WEBSTER Heels [similar] | ASOS Blouse [similar]

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