27 February 2017

lfw outfit of the day: Think pink

We all know that pink is the 'It' colour of the season. I've never really been big on the colour (I lied! Maybe at the age of 10), however I have a gut feeling that I may just be easily persuaded . Not promising a pink wardrobe! But definitely a few essentials to include in my daily outfits. 

Speaking of outfits, this is one that I'm proud to admit I've been repeating! I love the whole boyish look with a hint of sass. 

I wore this to London Fashion Week, and this outfit was definitely inspired by previous experiences of standing outside in the cold, in heels which you wouldn't even dream of wearing on a normal day.
I wanted to feel cosy, most importantly comfortable in what I'm wearing . The pink frill dress layered underneath an oversized styled hoody with super length sleeves (which gives Vetement a run for their money) does just that!

P.S For those interested in the Basket Bag, Zara for some reason or another have removed it from their website, even though its new season. It is however still available in stores so grab it while you can. I've also attached an alternative style.

H&M Hoody | ZARA Dress | ZARA Bag & Boots 

Photos by Elvira @bdblggr 

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