25 April 2016

birthday outfit of the day

I recently celebrated my birthday by booking a spontaneous trip to Paris! Accompanied by me, myself and I. You heard right! This year, I've had the urge to jump completely out of my comfort zone by doing new things which I normally wouldn't dream off. I wanted to set myself a challenge and this trip was definitely one! I'm always one to think carefully about decisions, which of course is important. However, on this occasion I didn't. Travelling alone was always something I wanted to do, but no way would've considered it. Bearing in mind that I've never been to Paris (please don't laugh) and have always wanted to, I spontaneously booked a ticket without thinking twice. I must admit that my main concern was the language barrier, which I found wasn't an issue as most people there speak English. Besides, Google Map is always there when directions are needed and their Metro map is basically identical to ours. Don't worry, I won't bore you with my activities (which included eating, shopping and eating!) 

To conclude, I wouldn't necessarily say it was a life changing experience, however it did make me realise how capable I am of doing things I never dreamt I could. If you haven't tried it, I would definitely recommend it!

On to the outfit! This is what I wore on the day of my birthday which I celebrated in Sky Lounge. Perfect for a chilled evening which is exactly what I wanted. Completely obsessed with slip dresses (I'd purchase one in every colour if I could), I bought this khaki one from Zara with lace detailing and paired it with my Bershka heels. 

ZARA Blazer & Dress | BERSHKA Heels | & OTHER STORIES Clutch [similar]

Photos by Lacey Jane


  1. This dress is completely bomb! And a belated happy birthday!

    Trust me solo travel is just as amazing, if not better than than travelling with friends! And j'adore Paris!

    Jo x

    1. Thank you!
      I loved my solo travel, will definitely be doing it again! x