12 September 2015

Triangl Swimwear

When you finally find the perfect bikini to match the perfect holiday! Which is exactly what happened in this case. With my holiday quickly approaching, and no sign of the perfect swimwear in site, I had given up hope. I'm very picky and indesisive about what I want. I usually have no idea in mind, however when I see it, it's usually love at first sight. Weird right?!

So I was delighted when Triangl contacted me after coincidently browsing their site literally a day before. I knew exactly what I wanted and was very impressed with their shipping process which saw my items delivered in less than a week, all the way from Australia. Right on time for my holiday! I chose the Farah set in Hotel California (which is the colour), and when I tell you the fit is perfect, I'm not lying. Not only is the neoprene super comfy on the skin, holding everything in place, the crochet detailing adds a trendy twist. It's the perfect combo!

I'll definitely be purchasing from Triangl in the future, and for those deciding, I'd recommend for you to do the same too!

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