30 May 2015

Capsule Wardrobe and Body Shapes

Marina London

A Capsule Wardrobe is a mini wardrobe based on essential items that can be used as a base for an outfit. It should be kept minimal and should consist of neutral colours such as white/ivory/black that can be mixed and matched and used as transitional pieces that can easily worn during all seasons. 

Depending on your lifestyle, your Capsule Wardrobe may vary, however I’ve included what I think are the top essentials and have split it into 4 categories.

Smart - 
Black blazer, LBD (little black dress), black skirt and black trousers.

Casual - Denim/black jeans, T-shirt, dress, skirt and shorts.

Outerwear - 
Smart/casual coat/jacket and a leather jacket.

Shoes - Trainers, black flats, black court heels, knee-high/ankle boots and sandals

If you notice, these items can be mixed and match to create smart/casual outfits. I recommend that you invest in quality pieces if possible as this will add to the longevity. Especially as these are the pieces that will be worn often. Another alternative is to wait until these items go in the sale or check out their outlet stores.. Once you are satisfied, you can then begin to incorporate fashion pieces into your wardrobe. These are items not considered in the capsule wardrobe, and can be used to add a trend element to an outfit. 

Body Shapes

There are 5 main body shapes which are the Hourglass, Pear, Rhubarb, Apple and Strawberry (upside down pear)

Hourglass - Considered the most desirable shape

  •    Big bust and hips
  •    Generous thighs
  •    Small waist
  •    Tend to carry weight evenly on the bust and hip

  •    Things to consider when dressing:
  •    Large bust
  •    Small waist
  •    Curvy hips/thighs

Avoid - 
  • Polo necks as the will make the bust look bigger 
  • Avoid detailing on tops which aren't flattering on an hourglass such as, frills, cowl necks and pockets on the breast
Try - 
  • V-neck - if you're not a fan, consider pattens or a scarf to slim down the bust
  • Buttoned down shirt 
  • Jersey as it’s figure hugging
Remember - 
  • Tops must not be shapeless as they will create a frumpy look. Try Peplum shapes which are flattering, or use a waist belt to create shape


  •    Narrow shoulder 
  •    Small chest
  •    Skinny waist
  •    Curvy hips 
  •    Large legs
   Things to consider when dressing: 
  •    Focus on the upper body
  •    Make most the most of their waist 
  •    Balance shoulder to hip
  •    Elongate legs  (heels) 
  •    Wear clothes that will flatter bum and legs

Avoid - 
  • A-line skirts/dress which will emphasis hips.
Try -
  • Tops/jackets should be fitted and feature structured shoulder so shape looks in proportion
  • Jersey will flatter waist but may make legs look big so emphasis on waist
  • For trousers , look for higher rise to avoid gaping at the back

Rhubarb - Best shape for pulling off trends

  •    Boyish figure
  •    Small bust
  •    No defined waist
  •    Slim legs/hips

  •    Things to consider when dressing:
  •    Create a curve
  •    Define waist
  •    Consider long length trousers

Avoid - 
  • Low neckline and it will make chest look bony

Try - 
  • Any top can be worn. Print is recommended to add volume to the chest 
  • Tailored clothing such as peplum or a waist belt will add definition to waist
  • Mini skirts and skinny jeans as legs are their best feature


  •    Large bust
  •    Chunky arms
  •    Flat bum
  •    Slim/skinny waist
  •    Weight carried on tummy
   Things to consider when dressing:
  •    Make the most of the slim legs
  •    Try peplum which nips in at the waist creating a hip

Avoid -
  • Fabrics that will accentuate lumps/bumps
  • Avoid tops that defines the waist as it will draw attention to weight on the tummy
Try - 
  • Tops that will skim, and not cling to waist
  • Longline tops to give illusion of longer/slimmer legs
  • Try prints, which will break up and disguise lumps/bumps on tummy 
  • Boot leg trousers are best as it balances out body and empire dress best as it nips under bust line and flares out to flatter the tummy

Strawberry - Upside down pear

  •    Large bust
  •    Broad shoulders 
  •    Large tummy
  •    Flat bum
  •    Skinny legs
   Things consider when dressing:
  •    Wear dropped leaves to soften shoulder
  •    Try peplum which creates a hip

  • Avoid - 
  • Alter-necks 
  • chunky knit
  • High polo neck 
Try - 
  • V-neck will give the illusion of narrow shoulders and slim bust
  • Wrap tops and empire tops/dress will disguise tummy
  • Jeggings/leggings will fit tummy and flatter legs

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